Oh Mercy Comic Cameo

Yeeeeehaw! We’re super excited to share this little bit of news with you. Oh Mercy have made a cameo appearance in Survivors’ Club!

Survivors’ Club is a monthly Vertigo comic written by Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen with art by Ryan Kelly about six people who survived real life horror movie terrors as kids in 1987 and now it’s all happening again.

Simon and Chloe Wickman survived a haunted house that ate their parents, which has since gone on to be a mega movie horror franchise, The Muskagee House. Simon’s been living as a Z list celebrity, attending horror conventions and pitching his own horror ideas, Chloe has followed in her dad’s footsteps and started her own car workshop.

‘When we saw Ryan’s illustrations of her, we realized she’d probably be in to one of our favourite South African bands, Oh Mercy. ” – Lauren Beukes
Here’s a sneak preview of issue 6 where Chloe’s sporting an Oh Mercy shirt along with badass tattoos and some haunted wallpaper.
You can buy Survivors’ Club from your friendly local comic store (Reader’s Den and Outer Limits in South Africa are good options) or online at here at Comixology

So now we’re wondering, should we get this shirt made up to sell as merch at shows?

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