Tell them

Tell your friends,
tell your family,
tell your lover,
tell your brother,
tell your pastor,
tell your master,
tell your slave,
tell the brave,
tell the bastards,
tell the broken,
tell the driver taking you home,
tell the bad motherfucker pushing drugs on the corner,
tell the old lady pushing her trolley from the store,
tell your first love,
tell your last love,
tell the one you cant stop thinking about,
tell the one who left you filled with doubt,
tell Freddie Grey,
tell Edward Snowden,
tell Mayweather and Pacquiao they’ll be sitting together in the corner,
tell Johnny Cash’s daughter,
tell Dolly Parton’s tattoo artist,
tell the heavens,
tell The Seven,
tell your mom that you love her,
tell your dad that you miss him,
tell the emptiness,
tell the happiness,
tell the mountain,
tell the hound,
tell Frakenstein’s monster,
tell the peasant girl in the pond,
tell Boris Karloff,
tell Bela Lugosi,
tell Elvis Presley sitting alone in his room in Graceland,
tell Black Mary praying for your soul,
tell the lost in the bayou,
tell the lost in the deserts,
tell those frozen in time on Mount Everest,
tell the whole of New Orleans that they are never far from our hearts…

Tell them that she’s the magnolias and he’s the matches.

(by Andy Lund)

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